Day 12

 View of the Bay
I almost expected the street lights to come on this afternoon. It is dark, dark, dark here.  I went to the grocery and bought some colorful fruit  -  pears and more persimmons.  That will give us something bright and cheerful to paint in class tomorrow.

This is day 12 of blogging every day in November, and I have nothing artistic or creative to post.  Of course I could go back through my summer sketchbook and post things I haven't posted yet, but the summer  sketches just didn't seem to fit the day.  Do you realize that we will have this "gray-ness" for months now?  If you're not from northern Michigan, do you understand how drab it gets?  I'm askin' for a little sympathy here. 

Actually, the changing of seasons is really nice,  but I think we'd all just like it to change back to spring a little earlier.

Well, let's see how productive we can all be this winter. We could make daily sketching a habit .  Maybe you already do.  I've been slacking.  Here I go.