Autumn Vegetables
Here we are half way into my autumn-vegetable-series-for-the-month-of-October, and this is the first I have painted.  I guess I shouldn't point out my shortcomings, should I?  This is a contour ink drawing of the vegetables lined up down the table.  They are really very large vegetables and would have lent themselves to being painted in a large format. Of course I can still do that.

It is a beautiful fall Saturday in Northern Michigan.  The leaves are brilliant, and the bay is very blue.We went downtown to the new chili restaurant for chili dogs for lunch. I forgot to take my sketchbook to sketch the salt shakers.  We'll be going back.

Now we are about to pick up on the bathroom project that we put aside for the summer.  Summer is long gone, and we are still trying to think up excuses not to get at it.  We are enablers.  Maybe that's why we have been together for so long.

Hope it's a beautiful day wherever you are - maybe you are outside sketching, or maybe you are inside painting your bathroom.