This is a Test

Testing the Waxed Thread

I had mentioned in a previous post that the waxed thread in the handbound journals had caused an area on the paper to resist the watercolor when I painted over it. Well, never mind. When I deliberately burnished the thread on the paper to leave a thin strip of wax, it didn't resist the watercolor. So - no great discovery here. Not that it was going to be that beneficial to anyone, but I thought it might make a nice line in leaves.

The first of my summer eight-week classes started today and it was cold. Those students don't care - they just want to paint - they don't care if it's inside or out. My Journal class was drizzled on a bit, but they didn't care either. Can you imagine spending the summer with groups of people that want to paint, talk about paper, talk art, discuss paint brands, paint some more . . . . I love it!