November 12th

Color Swatches from Nature
I've been watching the color combinations change with the changing of the season. Everything is quite flat today, grayed.

After yesterday's warm temperatures, we are not too crazy about thirty-four degrees today.  Oh  -  and now we have some snow!

I've spent the day catching up on laundry and  making a batch of soup for the slow-cooker.  A friend and I did our "Flowers for Friends" thing, but ran out of flowers after only about 18 arrangements.  Flowers for Friends is a program that pairs up "used" flower arrangements and volunteers.  The volunteers take apart the larger flower arrangements and make them into small arrangements that are delivered to hospitals, nursing homes, soup kitchens, etc.  Not only is it fun to put together the arrangements, but it's nice to know that they'll be delivered to someone who may need a little cheering up.

Now I'm going to go look over homework assignments for middle granddaughter.  If it's math, we're both in trouble.