Apple etc demo

Black eyed Susans and Apples  -  Demo
I started my new season of weekly classes this week, and picked some black eyed susans for a little still life.  I went back into the room a few minutes later, and the flowers were strewn all over the table, and Rudy the cat was madly devouring the blossoms.  I knew from past experience they are only mildly toxic. 

Right in the middle of my demonstration, he came in and threw up. Nice. 

The bowl didn't turn out the way I wanted, but at least with a demonstration, I am talking as well as painting my way through it. The students get an idea of what and why I feel it is wrong  -  even if I don't get it right.

Good way to start the new season  -  I paint wonky bowls and have a cat that throws up in the middle of class.  Want to join us here  -  we're havin' some kinda fun!