Deep Woods

A couple of weeks ago I painted with some friends in the woods just north of here. The mosquitoes were unbelievably terrible, but we were well protected thanks to our host that had hats and bandannas sprayed with "Deep Woods Off" ready and waiting for us. We had a wonderful day - it was peaceful and quiet and beautiful.

I love painting with friends! It is so nice to be with people with the same interests. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we don't. We can discuss things or just enjoy the silence. AND that's what I like about painting in a little journal - it isn't serious, but it sure does feed my soul.


Buttons and Books

This was done the second day of our journal class - another cold day. Notice the sunshine in the background when I took the picture - there is hope after all!

This week is a busy one with three watercolor classes, one private group, and four afternoons of drawing class. And a brother and sister-in-law coming to dinner. FUN! This is what summer is all about - I love the busy-ness of it.

There is a little rain in the forecast. I am SICK of it! SICK of it!

Our California family is melting in the 100 degree weather. What am I complaining about!?


Summer ! Classes Started this Week

My Summer Classes classes started this week, and it was COLD. Mother Nature didn't get the memo - these are SUMMER classes! All of the participants were such good sports. I feel like they are not getting their money's worth if they can't paint outside - I mean - we have all winter to paint inside.

Today, Friday, I didn't have any classes. It was a beautiful day - sunny and warm. I have some commissions I'm working on, so I set up shop on the porch.

The little painting above was done in this week's journal class - a simple still life we painted indoors.


My Little Painting Buddy

This friendly dragonfly rested on my palette and ate his lunch. Ugh. I won't go into the gory details, but I just figured to each his own. I had a salad.


Painting in the Rain

It is going to have to quit raining pretty soon - my journal classes are beginning in Bay View next week, and I always say it never rains on my journal class. I must admit there were a couple of times, but that is what journaling is all about - being in the moment, wet or dry.

I have this week all planned out to the minute to catch up on some things I need to have under control before the heavy class schedule begins. It is all fun stuff - painting, writing etc - but it does all have a deadline. AND the class schedule looks like fun - I love this time of year. I love the weather (not yet), the summer people returning, the gardens blooming, the busy-ness, The drawing and painting . . .

Okay - gotta go - this was not in my minute by minute plan.


Watercolor Sketchbook Journal

My Kick-Off Summer Workshop
2nd Annual

It was HOT HOT HOT, but we painted all day, and the nine participants came up with some beautiful journal pages. There is something so inspiring about spending the day painting with other people, and so satisfying to go home with several great little paintings!

We talked about journal "stuff" - all the materials that are possible to carry around with us for journal painting, and all the ways we try to keep it simple - and not really carry all that stuff. Then we painted. Then we ate lunch. Then we painted some more and nearly died of heat exhaustion. So we went inside to sit by the fan and eat watermelon - had to paint it first - and then painted little still lifes of our painting supplies.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did - and I hope you are all painting a page or two today!


Wildlife in The City

Tasty treats for the neighborhood deer.
Listen deer - leave my flowers alone! If I wanted to feed the deer I would live in the country. We have a very small yard and it is pretty much closed in - almost courtyard-like. They really make themselves at home here. There are footprints all over the yard.

Between the deer eating our flowers, the raccoons peering in our bedroom windows, and the six-inch slugs sliming our house, there is really quite a bit of activity going on out there at night.

I have been busy planting and getting things ready for summer and I haven't stopped to paint the flowers. And you know what they say about that. Oh yeah - I guess that's SMELL the flowers. Whatever - If there are any flowers left after the wildlife parades through here, I will sit down and paint.