Watercolor Sketchbook Journal

My Kick-Off Summer Workshop
2nd Annual

It was HOT HOT HOT, but we painted all day, and the nine participants came up with some beautiful journal pages. There is something so inspiring about spending the day painting with other people, and so satisfying to go home with several great little paintings!

We talked about journal "stuff" - all the materials that are possible to carry around with us for journal painting, and all the ways we try to keep it simple - and not really carry all that stuff. Then we painted. Then we ate lunch. Then we painted some more and nearly died of heat exhaustion. So we went inside to sit by the fan and eat watermelon - had to paint it first - and then painted little still lifes of our painting supplies.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did - and I hope you are all painting a page or two today!

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Marj said...

Catherine, I finally set up a blog and put my Violets on it. I had painted them in my Sketchbook--and at the same time, you put some on your blog--which I logged into while we were down there. Finally could send it to you. Always love your postings!
Marj. M.