I'm getting a few things together for the art center Holiday exhibit and sale. I'm taking boxes of cards and small paintings - about 25 items.

Other than listing items and putting on the tags, I'm ready to go - two days early!

We had snow all day. I had a meeting downtown at five, and could not bring myself to walk down and back in the COLD. I probably spent as much time cleaning off the car as I would have spent walking, but I would have had to walk home in the dark UP the slippery HILL. I've said it before - I am all about comfort.

So tomorrow I'll tag everything and list it, then get things together for my classes. It's good to have a plan, huh? I'll do some laundry and maybe go to the grocery store. Maybe I'll paint a little. Since I accepted the challenge to blog everyday in November, I'll let you know how I do on the to-do list.