A Corner of my Studio

A few days ago I said I would post some pictures of my studio. It is a small room - about 11X11 with a nice, large, north window. If I have a large project to work on, I can always take it downstairs to my classroom. I am finding that this space is a nice cozy place to work, and I have those caster or glide-y things on the legs of my drawing board and tables, so I can easily push things around into any configuration I need. Not the wheely kind of casters, but those hard, flat, smooth things that stick on the bottom of the legs.

I certainly can't contain all my stuff in this room. Instead of saying I have my studio in our home, I really must say our home is in my studio - paper and paintings stacked in the living room by the studio door, paintings and mat board in the bedroom, framing equipment in the back porch . . . .

Note the apple green color of the old floor boards. It's such a happy color and I just love it!

This is a great place to hide out today. It has been snowing like crazy, and I decided to stay here and work on a sketch for a commission instead of running errands. I've got my Pandora station playing, and I'm feeling creative.