A couple of months ago I moved my studio from a very small room conveniently located between my classroom and the kitchen on the main floor of our house, to a little bit larger room upstairs. I didn't exactly do this voluntarily, but like so many things in our lives, this has turned out to be a good thing.

I actually never paid much attention to this room - yeah - we have so many, Ha! Our kids used it now and then for a summer or a brief period between other living arrangements, and it was a good place to stash stuff. And the grandkids liked it when we made it into a dormitory for over-nights.
When I moved everything out and painted the old uneven floorboards apple green, the room began to "speak" to me. Everything fits in here pretty well, and the light is great from this large (about 6 feet wide) north window - and here is my winter view. That's the Bay out there in the distance and I look across the rooftops of the neighborhood and downtown. I love it. I feel warm and cozy and creative and nurtured and . . .

I'll get things straightened up some day and get it all cute and take some pics of the room itself. Don't hold your breath - I'm pretty slow at straightening up and making cute.


Lindsay said...

I envy you this huge window and accompaning light!@!!
Who needs cute and straightened if it works! My studio was a huge mess for soooooo long. But I suddenly got inspired! Thanks for sharing.I was in Holland MI this holiday and it was so warm!

Tami said...

Looks like a glorious room! I fully understand slow when it comes to "straightening up and cute" comfortable has become my main goal.