I'm going through a stack of old linens. Even ironing a few - ironing old linens is quite therapeutic. Try it.

These belonged to someone in my family, and even though I'm not sure who, there is just that strong family connection when I handle them - who washed and ironed them before I did? I think they are only a couple of generations old, and these don't appear to be hand-made.

I keep picturing these cloths in small still lifes. There is something about the simplicity of the lace with a single small plate and a piece of fruit that keeps calling to me. I enjoy doing what I call "personal still lifes" in my classes. Everyone uses no fewer than three objects, places them right in front of them, and really zeros in and crops the composition. A view finder works well for this.

Now that I've said I want to do some, maybe I had better get busy and show you that I DID some. Of course, I do have a few things to do this week - cook a turkey for one.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Relax. Eat a lot. Enjoy your friends and family!

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Linda said...

After seeing your watercolor from this photo, I had to come find it. Those linens are fantastic -- you're lucky to have them! GREAT set up!