Winter Sky

Looking out our bedroom window to the south-east at 9:00 this morning. So dark! The light was very strange, and I didn't think it would photograph this well, but this is exactly how it looked.

No wonder some of our friends are jumping ship and heading south - it's COLD here - 18 degrees.

I did make room in the freezer for that turkey. I guess I didn't need to bother - he would have been just fine on the back porch. Now I hope I don't forget to take him out of the freezer Monday and put him in the fridge to thaw. For years we had a fresh turkey, and when we started getting frozen ones, the thawing step of the prep completely slipped my mind. Just another turkey story. We all have a lot of those, don't we. Leave a turkey story in the comments if you have one (of course you do), we'd love to hear it.