Memorial Garden Again

Another nice evening to paint in Memorial Garden in Bay View.
The garden is so well tended and there are so many views that would make a good painting subject - sitting outside the garden, painting in - or sitting inside the garden, painting out. This little painting was done from inside the garden painting out. There are many inaccuracies. The main one being distance - the cottage was actually not this close and the tree was closer. I was looking through more flowers . . . . AND SO ON. After a busy day, just sitting there, soaking in the colors and the quiet with my good friend and painting buddy, is almost enough. But I was there to paint, and I wanted to capture what I could see of the cottage and get the colors down the way I "felt" them, and I did that.

Just before the sun set into the Bay we walked down the street along the water. We really wanted to see the sunset from our friend's garden, so, uninvited, we walked through their beautiful yard, to the water's edge. Thanks Bob and Elaine - we enjoyed the sunset and your wonderful garden immensely!

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