Sketching in Bay View

I had planned to get so much done during the couple weeks between the end of summer classes and the beginning of Fall classes. Best laid plans. Well, no, there were no plans - that's why nothing happened. But does something really NEED to happen? Isn't it okay to just BE? The problem with that is, you have to give yourself permission to "just BE" before you do it or you'll think you AREN'T doing something else that you are SUPPOSED to be doing . . . .

I read several artists' blogs and it seems many of them are trying to use this time to plan classes and clean studios. Come to think of it, I planned classes, and I sent out info. I had intended to plan the rest of the year(!) and recap the summer - close enough. And it is not too late to clean the studio. It took three months to get these stacks of paper scattered everywhere, so I can take awhile to clean it up. If I am missing something urgent - it is probably already too late. That makes it not urgent anymore. Right?

This drawing was done Friday in beautiful morning sunlight in Bay View. Now I am anxious to paint it!!!! Nice dark, bold shadows. Watercolor? Acrylic? Watercolor on clayboard?

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