Playing Around with more Books

A New Style of Journal
at least for me
This journal has an open spine with ribbon as part of the spine construction.  I put drawing paper in it instead of my usual watercolor paper.

We have a couple more bookbinding workshops to go in the next three weeks, and we are already thinking about some fun, new projects to teach next year.

Right now I am a little concerned about my very sloooow progress getting my worktables cleared off and things put away.  This happens to me every year at this time.  I have come in from classes all summer and dumped my things on the tables.  Then I repack for the next day and never really take care of the stacks of things piling up.  Now I can't just put it away  -  I have to re-think and rearrange,  and evaluate what I taught and how I could do it differently next year  -  what I can add  -  what I can subtract.  What I can leave stacked on my tables!

Okay  -  I'm giving myself 15 minutes and those tables better be clear!  


Diana said...

I'd never be able to do my art table that quickly I was just looking for something on it and never did see what I wanted.. I need a snow shovel and a bucket to hold it all. take care. love that beautiful book, Diana

jsicignano2.blogspot.com said...

It seems we can all relate. As artist we never have enough time and too many art supplies that seem to find their way onto kitchen and dining room tables. Not to mention plein air carts and everything that is needed to go plein air painting. I will never have a system to keep everything neat and tidy. So happy I am not alone.

Love the book and your art.

PCovi said...

I am here to devour your art and learn from you! Love it!!
I am Pcovi on Instagram if you are so inclined :)

Phyllis said...

Dear Catherine, I have just discovered your blog and workshop info. They are wonderful. I am a Michigander living in exile in the UK in London. I don't get home too much these days, and wanted to let you know that reading your blog and enjoying your watercolour sketches is almost as good as being there! It really takes me back to my childhood and frequent vacations 'up north'. Will keep my fingers crossed that someday, I can co-ordinate a visit home with one of your workshops. I'm putting that on my Bucket List!
Thank you so much. Best Regards,

Wildflowerhouse said...

15 minutes ..... are you crazy, I would need 15 days at the very least. OK I am going to start today. Yes I am. Right now.....

PS I do love your book you have made.