Bird House

Cathy's Birdhouse
 I have painted this birdhouse several times and never get tired of it.  I like the angles and the neutral colors in the worn wood.

This was a demo last Friday for the two-day bookbinding/journal workshop we did at Cathy's home studio.  The weather was perfect  -  rain on the day we spent inside making the books and beautiful the next day when we took the books outside to paint all day. It was a fun and talented group  -  they made some beautiful books and painted some wonderful journal pages!

This afternoon I am off to a new Watercolor Sketchbook Journal Class  -  four consecutive afternoons.  We meet on the porch of one of the old buildings in Bay View, and one time when we were standing there in a circle introducing ourselves, a bat fell from the rafters right into the middle of the circle.  I always check for bats now.  I know some artists would have used him as a drawing subject  -  not me.


Marthann's Musings said...

Oh I love this piece. Beautiful use of colors, so peaceful.

Catherine said...

Thanks Marthann. This birdhouse is in a beautiful, peaceful spot on a big beautiful lake. Lucky birds, huh?

Margaret said...

...a bat fell into the middle... oh my! Did everyone fall back in their chairs or where these seasoned "Bay Viewers" and used to it. So funny. I love the shadows in this painting.

Marj said...

We had our Sktchbk journaling class several yrs ago in Cathy C's garden and I painted this same group of BrdHouses. Have used it many times for Greeting Cards and Note Cards. You'll see on my blog next time you visit. But it does remind me of how "detailed" I get and how "loose" I would like to be :-)
That's why I love coming to your classes!!!

Catherine said...

Margaret, they took it in stride :)