Ellie's Chili and a Cutie

A cutie in my sketchbook and the recipe for Ellie's chili

I love it that they call these little tangerine things cuties.  I like the boxes they come in.  I like the size of the cuties.  I like the way they peel so easily.  And, they are fun to sketch.

This was done with my Noodler's pen and Noodler's periwinkle ink on Mi Teint paper, which, in this case,  is actually quite green  -  you'd never know it here.  I used watercolor and white prismacolor pencil also.

On the right hand page is a recipe, more or less, for chili.  I say "more or less" because I didn't write down any amounts.  I was supposed to be teaching, not writing down recipes.  I don't know "grillin' beans", but I think they are in the Mexican food section.

We discussed a lot of life's problems in class today, and even got some painting done. Such a fun and supportive group!

Happy painting.  Keep those pencils, pens, and brushes moving!


Claire M said...

Love your little Cutie orange and I love to eat them too. I guess I'll have to try sketching one too.

Catherine said...

Thanks, Claire. I love painting oranges of any kind. I love the color, and I like wedge shapes. I love it that YOU can actually grow them in your back yard!

Sand Hill Art said...

Please tell me the name of the sewing method you used for your journal? Thanks!

Catherine said...

Hi Sally Ann - the book is a round back spine. Hollanders, in Ann Arbor has a booklet with the instructions "Sewing and Casing-in with a Round Back Spine"


The book that we make and teach is a different size and we use different paper, but this is the construction we use.

Does this info help?

Jane said...

I love how you can take the ordinary and turn it into a work of art! Good inspiration...I need to start looking at the "ordinary" with new eyes. Thank you Catherine!

Catherine said...

Jane - when you start drawing the "ordinary" in your life, the "ordinary" becomes a little more beautiful to you. When your life inspires your art, your art inspires your life.

Claire M said...

Wow.... I have to remember that response you gave to Jane. Great quote!!! (attributed to you of course)

Christine B said...

Found some links to your blog on pinterest. Thanks for the inspiration. I am not a trained or practice artist, but one of my goals for this year is to spend more time sketching because I enjoy it so much. In the past, I've gotten derailed by not having ideas, but this time I have a few places to look to keep me going. Take good care and enjoy your snow up north, from Christine in very slightly snowy Detroit.

Catherine said...

Claire - It may not be original. I really can't remember.

Welcome Christine B! Just keep that pencil moving - one thing leads to another.

Marj said...

Those Clementines are so fun to "peel and paint"--After seeing yours, I went into the Garage and selected a few (I keep them cold out there) and started to peel one, and it came off in "one" peeling--of course it was a sketch/watercolor moment waiting to happen. Nice color in the middle of the drab (at least downstate) winter :-)

Catherine said...

Marj - I just bopped over to your blog to see your cutie sketch. It IS a cutie!

It is pretty gray up here today too. But here we are in the middle of January and still very little ice or snow.

Sand Hill Art said...

Thank you, Catherine, I'll check it out!