Noodler Doodles

Doodles and Figures
First of all, I am happy to say that our son is home from Afghanistan, safe and sound! He looked pretty good walking through that door.  His wife and kids are pretty excited, we are very relieved, AND we all get another shot at Christmas this weekend.  Fun!

The doodles were done with a Noodler pen with periwinkle Noodler's ink. The pen nib has a flex to it that allows it to make thick and thin lines depending on the pressure used.  It's a lot of fun to doodle with, and I haven't tried any serious drawing with it yet.

The figures above the sketchbook page are little demonstrations that I did in class today.  They're fun and easy  -  just stick figures with a little more body.

It's all fun  -  Noodler's doodles, figures  -  whatever.  Even with your serious drawings, don't get too serious.  It's all about the journey, not the finished product -  that will usually take care of itself.


Claire M said...

Love these figures! Did you just paint them with a regular watercolor brush?

Your Noodlers doodles look like fun too. Fun with watercolor and pens (and other art supplies) sure is unlimited!!!

Glad to hear that your son is home safe. I can relate is my oldest son is now deployed in Japan as a Navy P-3 pilot. He won't be home again until mid-year and he missed all of the holidays. :-(

Enjoy your family time!

Catherine said...

Claire - yes, the figures were done with just a regular watercolor brush - a round #6 or #8. It is hard to have our kids half way around the world isn't it? Is your son's tour of duty a year? Fortunately, our son was only in Afghanistan a little over three months.

Lisa said...

Oh, dear. Now you've done it. I had that pen in my cart at Writer's Bloc, but I took it out. Now I'll have to go put it back in. Which means something else has to come out. :-/

Catherine said...

Lisa - I have only done these little doodles, so the jury is still out, but I do like the way it feels on the paper - it isn't stiff and scratchy. I have the periwinkle blue ink, and the bottle is so cool!

Jane said...

Congratulations on your son's return...I am thankful for his service!

I am trying to have more fun with my creative endeavors, and not take it too seriously. So far, so good. Thank you for the encouragement!

Blessings to you and your family.

Marj said...

I like those "stick figures" ...will be practicing some of those! Also, love your new photo(what's a fifteen-yr-old doing with a son in Afghanistan?)
:-) Glad he's back safe!
Now I'm going to need to go and find that pen and ink!!! No end to "artist goodies."

Catherine said...

Thanks, Jane. Yesterday in class we talked about having more fun with our art. I think it leads to more creativity.

Marj - thanks :). The stick figures are addictive - watch out.