Sunny and Cold

Up to 23 Degrees!

I'm not crazy about this paper.  I like the color, but not for winter.  We need to color coordinate our sketchbooks for the seasons, you know.  Blue would have been better  -  predictable, but better. I'm not really crazy about the texture of it either,  so I should just move on to the watercolor paper that I do like, and use this for lists and notes. 

I have a cold and my brain is feeling a little muddled, so I'm just sitting around eating cherry pie and drinking coffee.  That's what you do for a cold, right?


Anonymous said...

great sketch, sounds like the perfect medicine for a cold to me.
Of course cherry pie could fix most things of that I'm certain,

new mexico mtn girl - CheyAnne Sexton said...

I sure hope I can comment, this blogger system has been quite wacky lately.
ANYway...... I love this, you are most definitely suppose to being eating cherry pie for a cold, and coffee, did you say?
When I first saw this and knew you were wanting blue instead, my thought was what if you left only this warm yellow as the highlights and blocked every other thing dark and darker? Would that work? It seems to me it would be quite the opposite.
Hope you feel better soon and know you are NOT alone with this cold bug.
peace n abundance,

Catherine said...

Thanks Laurie, and, yes, the cherry pie seems to be working.

CheyAnne - yes, coffee. I think it is supposed to be tea, but oh well. It's the cherry pie that is going to do the trick : )
I like your idea of leaving the paper as the highlight value. I'm going to give that a try - thanks.

Diana said...

What is good for the flu? I've got that now.. love your page! it looks bright which reminds me daffodils will be here soon.. I hope.. feel much better soon,Love,Diana