Lunch at Jesperson's

Tomato Soup with Garlic Croutons
This wasn't our usual Wednesday tomato soup place.  The soup was nothing to write home about, but the croutons were delicious.  That was my second piece of cherry pie this week.  What's with that?  I don't even eat desserts  -  not because I'm virtuous  -  I just don't care for sweets.

This is a contour (continuous line drawing) done with my Noodler's pen with periwinkle Noodler's ink.

I am looking out the front window toward the Bay and it is gray gray gray  -  sky, water, trees, everything.  I guess I will just have to go do something colorful.  I have this urge to make paper beads in bright colors.  Maybe I should get dressed first.  Get ready for this afternoon's class.  Load the dishwasher .......  But those beads are calling me.  Here I go.

Do something creative today.  Anything!


Claire M said...

Great enthusiastic example for me to start my day. I love hearing your reflections as well as seeing your visual representation of your experience. I really like the effect you got with the ink on this piece.

Catherine said...

Thanks Claire. The noodler pen is fun - I like blue lines, the pen nib is flexible, the ink is waterproof after it dries, but doesn't clog the pen. No, I don't have any stock in Noodler : )I'm not sure all of the ink colors have the same properties.

Anonymous said...

I'm making butter tarts today, no painting going on here today, I wish I didn't like sweets, lol, have a super day!

Marj said...

You can't have too much Cherry Pie--especially after you've just had a cold :-)
You just reminded me....I need to make some Tomato-Gorgonzola Soup.
Yum! Wonder how those garlic croutons would taste in that???

plaid petunia said...

How do you make paper beads? It sounds like fun. Cathy

Catherine said...

Lauri, thanks! I googled butter tarts, and they look VERY sweet.Maybe like little pecan pies without the pecans?

Marj - I think garlic croutons would go with anything. Anything.

Cathy - paper beads - you roll a long, very thin triangle around something small like a tooth pick.
I will find a link and send it to you. You will never look at scraps of paper the same again.

Lori P said...

I'm new here and love your work. This entry is beautiful and inspirational. So glad I happened by.

Catherine said...

Thanks Lori, and thanks for stopping by. I was just visiting your blog - beautiful!