Sit Awhile and Paint

What a pleasant place to sit and paint on a hot day. It was about 78 degrees when we arrived at 10:00 this morning. Everyone found a spot of shade with a wonderful view of Karen's garden. She claimed that the garden isn't at its best right now - could have fooled us! It is beautiful!
Karen keeps a colorful and lush garden and it has all kinds of things to discover - plants and interesting objects. AND she serves peach iced tea to my classes.
The paintings all reflected how relaxed and comfortable everyone was. Nice job, Class! And thanks a lot Karen for having us!


Anonymous said...

You are more than welcome. I enjoy having the class and always look forward to painting with you. Karen

Anonymous said...

My goodness, where has my brain been? I have forgotten to check out your blog this summer. I was three or four postings behind. I enjoyed the class and got much needed help with the prospective of the window, and I loved Karen's garden. Thanks to both of you.

Ginny B.