Do Not Disturb

Rudy (the cat) and I had a good time today staying home. It was fun to just putter around the house and clean - from the looks of things, for the first time this summer. Well, maybe not quite that bad, but then again, maybe. I have been coming in from classes and painting, dumping down one stack of things and gathering up more for the next day. The stacks were beginning to have no rhyme or reason and I was afraid something would get left behind, as in slip through the cracks. And if you have seen our quirky house, you know I mean literally slip through the cracks.
I only have two classes this week, so I thought I would take a day or so to get in touch with home, and get ready for the California kids and grandkids. In the afternoon we had a thunderstorm. With no outdoor class to worry about, I was hoping it would be a good one - we really need the rain. A quarter of an inch - better than nuthin'.

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