Green, green, green

The next time we will take a yummy snack, books, an anchor, and a new motor. We did a lot of rowing.
Susan Lake is an old fashioned little lake with only a few cottages and no speedboats. Everywhere you look is green green green.
For this little sketch I did a very quick contour drawing in ink, then painted it using the water in the bottom of the boat.


Elizabeth said...


(And is that a mini-Altoids tin holding your paint pans?)

Catherine said...

Thanks, Elizabeth.
Yes, it is a mini-Altoids tin. That's just a piece of styrofoam plate cut to fit in the top for a mixing area. I made it just because I thought it would be cute, but I use it a lot.

Anonymous said...

What colors are in your mini altoids tin? I love that idea and hope to make one for myself.

Catherine said...

For anonymous - The colors are New gamboge, Quinacridone Burnt Scarlet, Permanent rose, cobalt violet, ultramarine blue, manganese blue, and hookers green.
Quin. burnt scarlet just happened to be a new color that I wanted to try out, and it mixes pretty well with hookers and ultramarine for darks.
I used empty half pans from Daniel Smith and fastened them in with that blue tacky "putty" that is removable.
Yes - make one - it is so convenient!