Everyone Seems to be Leaving

This is a watercolor sketch done in my journal on the last day of the last of my Bay View classes. It always makes me sad to say good-by to the last group. Many of them are leaving for home - which means somewhere warmer for the winter.

Not only was it the end of summer classes, but the California kids were packing up to leave also. We had three wonderful weeks with them! Three weeks is enough time to work their way into our lives and then make a big dent when they leave. But it was a GREAT three weeks. Little kids can make a BIG dent, can't they!

I have a few projects that I need to get going on - things that really need attention RIGHT NOW, so I will try to shift gears into "business mode" and catch up a little on things. I always get into nesting in September - cleaning, rearranging, biting off more than I can chew . . . I think I will have to forgo some of the nesting projects for a bit. However, I don't think I can forgo the cleaning for too much longer!

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Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, Catherine! I am weathering a big dent, too. Olivia started kindergarten yesterday and Conrad started preschool today. But I do get to visit them in Spokane for Thanksgiving.

See you in class this winter sometime.

Love, Lucia