More Journals

Good Journal Making Weather
We have been having lots of snow and cancellations  -  good weather to be inside making  sketchbook/journals.  The one on the right is the one I am currently working in, and the other two are new.

It always makes me a little nervous not to have a sketchbook or two waiting in the wings.  What if I had a sudden urge to sketch maddly, and no sketchbook waiting for me?

 An acetate cover keeps them clean. I'm not crazy about the plastic-ness of the covering, but they really do take a beating.

 I'm sitting here listening to the snow plows.  We live on a corner and they go past very fast, very close, they're huge and loud.  I love 'em.

If you live in the north like we do, I hope you're staying warm, and I hope you're loving this extra snowy January.


Anonymous said...

I do live in the North, not to far from you, and I was thinking the same thing about the plows, lovely journals , I need to cover mine with a protective coating.I just started making my own journals this year , from an online book binding site, it was a long slow process tthe first one but I have the knack now.Take acre, keep warm, and enjoy your lovely journals,

Diana said...

HI Catherine, we've been having weather in the 60's for the past 2 days. Now they are predicting snow for tomorrow.. just a touch. Your journals are gorgeous. Wish I knew how to make them. stay warm.. love,Diana

Jane said...

Hello Catherine, I'm from Minnesota, and it's very cold today! I too love to spend these wintery days creating. Have a cup of hot chocolate, and stay warm and cozy! Love your jounals!

Catherine said...

Laurie - making journals is addictive, isn't it! I'm pretty slow at it - it takes me most of a day to do one journal. You must be pretty much snowed in by now. Stay warm and enjoy your wonderful view.

Diana - Did you get a little snow? Or a lot? I think you would like to make journals - give it a try.

Catherine said...

Hi Jane - Hot chocolate and creating does make us feel warm and cozy, doesn't it? Minnesota - I guess you know all about cold :)