Working Out Values

Demonstrations in Class
Last week we worked on very simple, small paintings to work out the lights and darks (values) and then balance with warms and cools, using complementary colors. We didn't all get to a three-color painting.

Figuring out the lights and darks is a very important part of planning a painting, but I also think a little color study goes a long way toward the success of a painting.  Color can really change the direction of the sketch you had done in black and white.

I can see from these two little studies that I would need to really tone down the bright white of the porch pillars.  The spacing, shape, and bright white value of them, make them the focal point.  I had intended for the window to be the focal point.  I'm going to work out the three color study of this for this week's class.

 Blogger doesn't seem to want to save this post.  Is it something I said?


Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Blogger can be weird. Sometimes I find the problem on the compose HTML view, an extra break or something. If not, then I copy what I've typed, paste it in Wordpad, cancel the post, and start over with a copy and paste from Wordpad.

Great post. Thank you

Values are difficult for me because I have a vision issue processing, not quite dyslexic but near it.

Sand Hill Art said...

Each time I see your blog it makes me want to break out my watercolors!

Shelly said...

Good exercise in values. I wonder if you will decrease number of pillars or change time of day to create shadows on pillars or ? Hope you'll show your next step... Thanks. Always thought-provoking posts and great watercolor art.

Catherine said...

I don't know, Sally, I really like what you are doing!

Thanks Shelly. I did decrease the number, and I just put some cast shadows on them.

Catherine said...

Maywyn - thanks for the great tip. I will do that next time I have a problem with Blogger.

For processing values, does it help to squint?