Another painting plan.

This is a sketch I did a couple of years ago. Often, as with this sketch, when I'm working out a composition problem I make notes on the sketch of what I'm thinking. I not only talk to myself, I also write to myself. Whatever it takes.

This little sketch has at least five "patches" on it where I have corrected and adjusted. I have tried this cottage several times and it never comes out the way I intend for it too.

Maybe I'm just not making myself clear when I'm writing to myself.

Our leftovers are gone and our fridge is bare. I guess this is it - the end of a nice long weekend. It is snowing outside and we are expecting a few inches. It is going to look quite Christmas-y by morning, and I'll start gearing up for the next holiday. Oh - this is the end of blog-every-day also. I made it!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the blogging streak. I enjoyed and looked forward to it every day. Karen

Marj said...

the daily blogs are fun--are you sure you won't sign up for Dec. Would love to see your artistic impressions of this time of the year!

Carol C said...

congratulations! I also enjoyed your daily blog and hope in the new year you try it again! and thanks again for the example of how you plan and work out paintings. --Carol C

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine,
I'm trying again to post a comment. We'll see what happens. I too have enjoyed all the Nov. blogs. I love all the items that you have around your house to put in your still lifes. What pretty thing in the windowsill picture. Finding all those things is so much fun.

Marpia said...

What a refreshing series of blogs! Wouldn't it be wonderful if you decided to blog each day in February?! It would be so nice to have your blog to look forward to when we are so ready for spring.