Daffodils in my Watercolor Sketchbook Journal

This was a contour drawing demo for the Thursday class with watercolor added. Just as the Wednesday class had done, the Thursday class also worked in greens. It is so fascinating to see the difference between mixing on the palette and mixing on the paper. I am trying to get a good photograph of that.

A few trips to the home improvement stores this weekend ~ I picked up a lot of green paint chips. Not that I didn't already have a lot, but you can never have too many paint chips. Anyway ~ we are going to play around this week with mixing to see what it takes to match those colors.

Working on constructing yet another journal. I don't have any immediate need for so many, but I want to be able to do them in my sleep. And when I get sick of making them, I will have a stockpile. It hasn't happened yet, but sooner or later I will have to get sick of it, won't I?

And speaking of home improvement stores ~ an update on the bathroom remodel. We are grouted!!!


ginny said...

Funny you should mention paint samples. The other day I had to go to Home Depot for a switch plate and picked up a whole bunch of samples. It's important that you try to look like you are really trying hard to decide on just the right color while in the store. Sometimes they come in handy to place on a painting to see what color you might like to use. Who needs them for the walls.

Marj said...

:) Is "We are grouted" in any way related to "almost done?"
Speaking of color, what color are you painting the new bathroom. Our family jokingly always had a reference to 'bathroom green.'
You would always see that color in public restrooms. I'll see if I can mix some up--on the palette of course. Had fun painting my dessert when we got home from Macaroni Grill Saturday--couldn't quite capture the glass goblet it was in, but I had fun trying....

Catherine said...

Hi Ginny - don't you just love paint samples!? I just can't walk away from them in the store. In fact, I just glued some in my sketchbook "just because". Good idea to try them out on a painting.

Marj - We still have to have the tub refinished, more beadboard and drywall to go up, old floor to tear up, new floor to put down, window trim to finish, walls to paint. . . but hey, we are grouted:)

Artoholic said...

Hooray for grouting!

I've reno-ed a few homes in my time - moving the kitchen from one side of the house to the other was a N-I-G-H-T-M-A-R-E.

I think drywall is plasterboard over here? Everything in Perth is double brick, but Sydney is Single brick with plasterboard.

You can never have too many journals....