Radishes from the Farmers' Market
It was a beautiful morning at the Boyne City Farmers' Market. I love it there. It has such a feeling of community, and the produce, baked goods, fish, cheese, ETC are wonderful.

I am really not a radish person, but when I saw these with the sun shining on them (through them!) I had to take them home with me. It was either that or stand and look at them, holding up the line for awhile. I decided it was more appropriate to give the guy my $1 and move on.

There was a little nibble out of one of the radishes and the market guy said, "Everybody's hungry this time of year". I kind of hope the hungry critter was a little mouse and not a big slug. Wouldn't you have to have teeth to nibble a radish?


Marj said...

I don't know how they do it, but slugs seem to be able to "chew" on things??? Those creatures are so ugly!
The radishes look good enough to eat :-)

Catherine said...

Marj ~ I did eat them. They were very good. Now I have to get that slug image out of my head before I eat anymore :0)

Marj said...

Catherine, on the wine stains--I saw a cleaner named "Foley" take a real bad wine stain out of a carpet. You can buy it at HomeDepot or Bed,Bath&Beyond. I couldn't believe it. Hope it helps.

Marj said...

Sorry, I need to correct the name of the stain remover. It is called Folex (available at Home Depot for sure).

Catherine said...

Thanks Marj - I am going to look for it!

Carol said...

Love your radishes!