A Nice Life

Sketches from the Concert in the Park.
The Northern Michigan Chorale

It was a beautiful evening to sit in the park and listen to this great group of people who obviously love singing together. One of the fun things about living in a small town - we can just grab our chairs, walk down the hill (oh yeah, we drove) and sit with friends and neighbors for an evening of entertainment. I am still waiting for Van Morrison or Leonard Cohen to come, but . . . nothing personal, Northern Michigan Chorale.

Yesterday I bound a new sketchbook - red cover, black and white polka dot end papers in the picture above. I still have a lot to learn about book binding. I over-compensated for all the mistakes I made last time, so NEXT time I ought to get it right, huh?

Next week I have a very busy week of classes - seven in four days. I love it! Actually I think the next few weeks are like that, but I am afraid to look at the calender more than one week at a time. So if I act dumb when you ask me, it is because I am trying to live in the moment. And loving every moment. Last week my youngest granddaughter said, "Grandma, you have a nice life." Yep, Sweetie, I sure do.

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Carol said...

It's wonderful to have a nice life, to appreciate it & to acknowledge it. I try to do that every day. Have fun in your classes!