Sturgeon Bay

I took my sketchbook ( and my husband) to the beach today.

I had intended to really sketch up a storm, but I felt really fuzzy brained in the sun and this was all I did. I didn't read. I didn't even think. I was just there. Nice.

Now I am trying to shift gears to be ready for classes tomorrow. Shifting gears is about the hardest thing I do. If I didn't shift, I would just kind of drift into neutral, and that wouldn't be good, so here I go ~ paints packed, sketchbooks packed, clothes ready, rain plan in place . . . .


Marj said...

Did you really "bind" a book, and not have the spiral along the side?
Just made myself a new sketchbook and allowed an extra inch along the side for the spiral--but now I don't like the size as well as the 6 x 9. We do need to experiment--don't we. My friend Teri A. made one by just folding the WC paper in half, over and over. I really like the size--but she didn't :-)
Doesn't take much to amuse me! :-)

Catherine said...

Yes, I really did bind it. I have done two and am working on my third - still trying to perfect it. I love having the page spread - a six inch book will give me 12 inches of painting surface.

When I do a spiral 6X9, I just use 6X9 paper. That is the size of the commercial ones.

I think we can get used to any shape and size once we start painting on it.