1st Friday Summer Kick-Off

A Demo Page from my Workshop.
3rd Annual Watercolor Sketchbook Journal Summer Kick-Off

Did we ever luck out with the weather! PERFECT! And what a fun group of journal painters! Everyone was so enthusiastic and talented. We all have to be reminded at the beginning of "journal painting season" (called summer in some places, but we don't seem to be having that here) that the journal pages are very personal and we put what we want in them ~ what a we want, how we want.Everyone picked up on that in a hurry and really did some beautiful pages!

Thanks to everyone who attended ~ you made my day!!!

Now today it is cold again, but we have been pretending all day that it is summer. We sat in the sun and read, had lunch, painted outdoor furniture, etc. We are SICK of being cold, so we are pretending to be warm. It worked pretty well until the outdoor temp dropped to 45 late in the afternoon, and it was only 62 in the house!

Maybe tomorrow is the day summer begins.


Marj said...

Wish I could've been there--love those SketchBook Classes. I just posted a pic from last year's SkBk that I did of a flowerpot "lightpost" in Charlevoix.
It has been cool downState too--I refuse to turn on the furnace!
Keep Warm...

Carol said...

Sounds like fun! We have glorious sunshine here today!