Colorful little paintings

Little thumbnail sketches
 finished off with a couple of swipes of watercolor.
They are continuous line drawings done with a Uni-ball Vision pen with a fine tip.  They are each two inches square.  

Thumbnails are not only a warm-up, but a way of planning out a composition.  They should take about two minutes (without color) and contain no detail.  The first step is to just put in shapes to see how they fit, and if you're happy with the fit, put in some very simple medium and dark values.  Do one after another until you are happy with the composition.

Today I was looking over some of the objects that are on the classroom tables from this week's lessons.  I occurred to me, as I was mentally matching up some of the things, that thumbnail sketches are the equivalent of stream of consciousness writing.  I start out drawing the objects as they are, then just move along to the way they could be, until I get to the way I think they should be.

It's snowing here and the wind chill advisory for tonight is for 25 to 40 BELOW!!!!   NOOOOOO!!!! That has to be a misprint.  Please be a misprint?


Margie said...

You know I love these. I just put my feather and MY thumbnails on Instagram. Do you follow instagram? If so, I'm ZenEyes. Did a little collage. They look so cute. 😍 sure enjoy your class my dear.

Marj said...

So glad you posted a couple things lately.....we have been ducking the COLD (even downstate) so much that I haven't been sketching. Will try to do some colorful"indoors" subjects :-)
You always inspire me....Marj.

Linda said...

How lovely!

Unknown said...

I really miss your blog posts and wonderful sketches and paintings. I hope all is well...

Catherine said...

Wendi - Thanks for stopping by and inquiring. My short little blog break seems to have gotten away from me. I need to get back in the swing - thanks for urging me on.