Studio Still Life

Our Assignment "Where I Paint"
This is a continuous line drawing in ink with watercolor

My classes will be working on still lifes over the winter.  I think it is pretty easy to get bored with still life, so I'm trying to make it interesting by mixing things up a little.  We'll be doing contour/continuous line, value patterns,  negative shapes, crosshatching, ink, pencil,  watercolor, various view points .   .   .   . 

It is snowing like crazy right now  -  great weather to stay inside and sketch and paint.  Are you more productive in the winter, or less productive?  I always think I am going to get so much done, but I get a little lazy thinking I have all this "down time".  I get a lot lazy.


Margie said...

You make me crazy peach of a teach! Love this composition. The pen and ink combo works lovely. Ahhh! See you tomorrow.

Margie said...

Oh, forgot to say, I feel like I should have so much time to paint this winter, but the days just get away from me. Thank goodness I have class AND my blog with Gail which keeps me painting some of the time at least.

Catherine said...

Thanks Margie! Your blog with Gail is beautiful! See you tomorrow.

annie said...

Love these bottles and jars. Again, your simple lines and the lovely color. I just ordered another tube of your wonderful yellow-green. I have gone crazy happy with it since you first showed it on your posts. And now I seem to use it all the time-- such a great mixing color, too.