Petunias, marigolds, etc

Okay, I'm done hibernating. 
I've had my spring greenhouse fix, and I'm ready to plant and paint  -  not necessarily in that order.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing (squawking), and we've even had a hummingbird.  We've mowed the lawn, and hauled junk out to the curb for the spring pick-up.

This little watercolor sketch was done using some cross hatching with a Gelly-roll pen.  I watched a Tommy Kane demo on cross hatching, and thought it looked fun  - I hadn't done it in years.  I don't think flowers are really a good subject for that technique, but it was fun, and I'll do it again.

As far as the greenhouse fix  -  I'm sure I'm not really "fixed".  There's something about the heat, the smell, the colors .  .  .

How was your winter?  Are you painting and sketching?


Diana said...

It looks lovely, I'm painting, I just planted a few impatiens.Sadie, our puppy,ate one,the whole thing including the dirt. oh boy. So glad to hear from you. love,Diana

Margie said...

Thank goodness you are out of hibernation!!! Lovely comeback I might add. The exciting news for me is we are moving to Harbor Springs middle of July. Yippee! That means, I may be able to join one of your workshops either the end of summer or fall!!! Welcome back Catherine!

Catherine said...

Diana - that dog is SO comical! Rudy, our cat, eats my flowers. What would we do without our pets to entertain us?

Margie - You're moving to Harbor! That's great. Looking forward to seeing you!

JOAN said...

Well, well...here you are at long last. I've missed your posts...seems like it was forever that I kept checking for something new...until now! Glad you're back in Cyberland.

Marj said...

So glad you're back--took all of us awhile to crawl out of the snowbanks :-)
Love all the color coming to life these days!!!
Took my WC/Journal to a 50th Anniv. Open House this afternoon and may have a new student to come along this August--Yay!

Terry said...

Love the delicate ness and life of this. So glad that you are back Catherine! Missed your blog all winter. I can't come to any of your Bayview classes this summer - my son's getting married in July and we're taking a Scandinavian cruise in August - will have plenty of painting subjects. I'd still like to come to one of your book making classes. I've been sketching lots, Sketchbook Skool, EDM, etc. lots of fun! Have a good summer!

Catherine said...

Joan - thanks for checking back!

Marj - seeing some color now is wonderful, isn't it?

Thanks Terry - your Scandinavian cruise sounds fabulous!