Not Quite Snowed In
We've had a couple of days without snow, and things are looking a little dirty.  It isn't any where near melting  -  19 degrees today.   The city trucks are out today cutting back the snow banks, widening the streets, and hauling away snow.

Last week we worked on some snow scenes in my watercolor class.  This week we are talking about pigments, and what they do according to their consistencies  - some are transparent, some granular, and some staining.  Then we talked about how those properties work when used in a triad.  A triad is a group of three.  In this case a combination of the three primaries  -  some version of red, yellow, and blue. 

I'm taking an online watercolor lettering class from Val Webb.  Fun!  I'm also taking a calligraphy class locally.  Actually, VERY locally, it meets in my studio.  Yeah, calligraphy.  Calligraphy never interested me  -  I always felt it was too pointy, too scratchy, and too structured.   Maybe I was wrong.  I just went along to the organizational meeting to support a creative group of women that wanted to get a  calligraphy class going.  I really got sucked in  -  in a good way.  The instructor,  Millie, is so giving and so creative (there's that word again), that not only did I sign up, I said, "Hey -  you can use my space for your class!"  We have homework.  Oh dear.  If I do something great in either (or both?) classes, I'll post it.  If I don't, I won't.


JOAN said...

I keep checking your blog hoping I'll find an updated entry, but no. Have you given up on blogging? I sure hope that's not the case.

Catherine said...

Hi Joan - I'm back. I just needed to hibernate for a bit. Thanks for checking in!