Another Triad

A Demonstration Using a Different Triad
The watercolor sketch on the left was done for Wednesday's class using the colors mentioned in the previous post and listed in the picture, by the palette. The sketch on the right was done for Thursday's class using Phthalo blue, Quinacridone burnt scarlet, and Quinacridone gold.

These are just sketches of a portion of what might turn into a "serious" painting.  In the sketch on the left, I like the way the foliage breaks up the shape and color of the red brick chimney.

Painting with a triad is fun  -  it makes us think about color mixing and sets a mood for the painting.  A triad is just three colors which are a variation of the primaries  -  red, yellow, and blue.  A triad can also be done using the secondary colors, purple, green, and orange, but I think the mix is muddy and dark.

Try some variations of triads  -  see what you come up with.


Anonymous said...

this post is a perfect example as to why I love coming to see you! Thank you for posting !If it wasn't for your book I would never have started water color painting and then in turn I would never have started a blog and then I would never have found your blog, lol, crazy crazy!!!

Catherine said...

Laurie - How nice of you to say! AND I would not have have your inspiring blog.

Mary Lou Bachman said...

Hi Catherine. I've moved to Venice, FL. I am getting to old to face the winters! I didn't paint for several months and have been trying to start again. I'm hoping your blog will help, and inspire me. I am currently taking lessons, but am getting nowhere. The instructor is a wonderful artist, but I csn't seem to get the hang of it. I am returning to the blob & smoosh method. It's the only thing that seems to be working at all for me! I am determined!

Stay warm and safe...Mary Lou Bachman

Catherine said...

Mary Lou - so nice to hear from you! Yes, I know you are a very determined painter. Blob and smoosh will get you back in the groove :) Keep in touch.

Sand Hill Art said...

Thank you for re-posting this. I have been using Charles Reid's triad ( cad. red, cerulean, cad. yellow) with good results.