Sketching on the porch

Wonky Little Chair
After I had drawn this, I noticed how wrong the angle of the middle spindle is.  I could have made a little patch and sketched it in correctly, but, hey, that's not what sketch-booking is all about for me.  Actually, it's about ANYTHING you want, but my purpose is to keep the pen and brushes moving!  Keep in mind what your purpose is  -  is it to get very correct information down and have a beautiful page, or just to get a rough idea that can be cleaned up later if you're using the sketch for a painting reference, or maybe to just loosely record a moment in your day.

Students always ask me if it's okay to rip out a page or cover it up.  Anything is okay.  I've had mistakes that have driven me crazy, so I'd fix them in some way.  

Another beautiful day in Northern Michigan!  Where ever you are, are you sketching?


Tracey FK said...

I like the wonk in your chair and enjoyed my visit to your blog and exploring your work... it is lovely... I will look forward to next time i check in... xx

Marj said...

I posted on your last picture, but didn't notice the "sign out" thingy.....hope you got it!
Yes, I did sketch (took my WC/Journal to a 50th Anniv. Open House this afternoon and may have a friend coming up for the Aug. Journal Class--Yay! Marj.

Catherine said...

Tracey - thanks for stopping by. I'm enjoying your blog too - beautiful!

Marj - yes, I did get it, thanks. I hope your friend joins us in August!

Janice Kay Schaub said...

Just to say I live in Northern Michigan too, in Traverse City actually. I am new to your blog and just realized after reading this post. I am enjoying your style

Catherine said...

Janice - so glad to have you here reading the blog. We used to live in Traverse City also - about 20 years ago.