November 28th

Pears this week are $1 a pound here!  I love pears any way, but especially in a salad with red Boston lettuce, almonds and blue cheese. Last night we added pomegranate seeds.

I did the charcoal drawing of the pears last night.  It was, more or less, a contour drawing or continuous line drawing.  I concentrated on the fruit first, getting in the bowl here and there as I came to it with the continuous line.

This morning in class, I did the painting. I was demonstrating layering and tying colors together. Four is an awkward number in a composition, and I was trying to show how repeating colors can tie things together, so they aren't too separate.  In tomorrow's class I'm going to try to have the colors bleed together a bit to tie the objects together.

Happy Painting!


Molly said...

I love the bumpy, lumpy look of pears. They are such perfect autumn fruits.

Diana said...

Love this, Catherine, I like pears too to paint and eat. The shape of them is so beautiful. I don't understand why they are so expensive but here they are too. love to you, Diana

Catherine said...

Molly - pears are the perfect autumn fruit, aren't they. The shapes are so much more interesting than apples and the colors are so rich.

Diana - The Michigan apple crop didn't make it this year, so the pears are much cheaper than apples. The apples are very expensive (for apples) and not very tasty.