November 27th

Charcoal Continuous Line Drawing and Prismacolor Pencils
Just getting a little color in my life.  This is a very scrawny geranium that seems to be on it's last legs.  I feed it and give it the best light in the house, but it may not make it.

This, like the drawings in yesterday's post, is done on newsprint, which I don't think takes any medium too satisfactorily.  But it's cheap, and big and seems like a good place to "warm up".

I just went out into the world for the first time in two days.  I seem to be in my hibernation mode. Hibernation can be productive can't it?  Nope  -  it can't   -  I just looked it up and the definition is "To be in an inactive or dormant state or period". Well, I knew that, and I guess I don't want to go to that extreme.  I just don't like to go out in the cold. I'll just keep painting and I'll be okay.  How about you?  Do you have painting plans for the winter?


Anonymous said...

I always hate it when the last flowers from winter give up, don't you?? Love your geranium, by the way!
I've been re-couping for a long time.(Kinda' like hibernation!!)But the Dr has figured out a bit, and there's a few sparks of energy, so now some of the many things I've been "drawing in my mind" are coming to fruitation in my sketchbook!! Ahh! Feels soooo good!! ;)
"Any plans?"...you asked. I plan on making drawing/paintings out of some of the mind/sketchbook art this winter, if the energy just keeps on a'sparking! That should keep me warm! (I don't "do" cold...but love to look out on the sparkling snow!)

Best wishes to you...and your inspiration on cold winter days!


Diana said...

THis is lovely, my geraniums don't last over the winter. I need to toss 2 out. Gran could winter them over.. I've enjoyed your blogging so much this mo. I'm finding it harder to squeeze in inspiration to do it. You always come up with some. love,Diana

Catherine said...

BJR - Good for you. So glad you are feeling better!

Diana - I usually get my geraniums to blossom a bit through the winter. I've enjoyed your blogging too! It hasn't looked to me like you are lacking inspiration.