November 26th

 Pencil and Charcoal
I'm just trying to get the pencil moving again  -  playing around with small house shapes and negative areas. 

I'm not crazy about the way pencil and charcoal handle on newsprint, but I thought I'd try to fill up a large sheet with small sketches.

I feel a little rusty after a few days of no drawing or painting, but I'm ready to get at it.  Small drawings like these help to jump start the process  -  kind of like musicians playing the scales.  Little pencil marks can lead to large paintings.


Debbie Nolan said...

Thanks for sharing your sketches...like the idea to just get the pencil moving and it may lead to a painting sometime. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

I love your site...seeing what interets you, and what you're doing. (I've had to get my pen moving again after recouping...) I admire you posting every day!!


Catherine said...

Debbie - you're welcome. It does help me to build momentum.

BJR - Thanks! I'm glad your pen is moving and you are recouping!