November 29th

Pears Again
These are the pears I did in class today.  They started out much wetter and with a more intense yellow under-painting than yesterday's.  We had fun with this.  It was a joint effort - deciding on the color mixes and what brushes to use.

I have a stack of papers, drawings, and small paintings that I've been piling up over the last class session.  I am anxious to go through them and put things in some kind of retrievable order.  I always say that, and then one thing leads to another and it becomes a huge task and begins to involve every aspect of my life.   I'll get every drawer dumped out to rearrange because I'll need to make room.  I'll have a pile of stuff to go through that will take years (yes, years).  I'll have to stop in the middle and go to the grocery store.  I'll have to shove a pile of papers out of the way so I can get to the washing machine.  Then I'll try to re-do my filing system so it will be cute.  .  .  Did I just talk myself out of something?


Marj said...

Lovely bowl of Pears...We often get a gift of "Riviera" Pears from a friend--they haven't arrived yet, but we're hoping.
Hey, who wants to clean files or even file anything??? I'd rather be just finishing my hand-painted Christmas Cards :-) which You know I scan and print on my Computer. This year, it's my "table-top Pointsettia--now I need to get printing!!! Marj.

Shelly said...

I love these pears. Have also been trying to get the 'pear color' right, and have a nice collection of attempts.
I also have collections of many things which I periodically try to purge, organize, pretty-up and so on. So I loved your 'pile of organization' that requires stepping over to get to the next task. Thank you for your lovely art, blogs, and inspiration.

Unknown said...

You have described me perfectly!!!

The pears are great -

Catherine said...

Wow - I am way behind on replying to comments. I do appreciate them!

Marj - did your pears arrive? Did you paint them?

Shelly - thanks so much for your nice comment. At least when we try to purge, we find some things we had forgotten about, and they might inspire us all over again.

Ann - thanks! We "artist types" may all be quite similar. That's why we have to stick together :)