A Burger at "The Counter"
I did this sketch at a burger place in California.  It was just one of the many great restaurants we went to.  We really did eat too much, but then again, whose to say how much is too much?   We had a great time, AND we brought the California grandkids home with us.  Last night we got all the cousins together for pizza and craziness.  I love it.

Next week, Friday, I will hold my Summer Kick-Off Journal Workshop.  Summer will begin in earnest then with classes and workshops.  I'm not sure I can get a handle on the jungle in our backyard by then, but oh well.  I was hoping the garden would look pretty good, but while we were gone the rain grew everything to jungle-like proportions, and the deer ate the tops off everything.  It's okay.  This is gonna be a no stress summer  -  lots of classes, lots of fun.  I'm getting my sketching/painting things together as we speak.  Ho about you?


Marj said...

Oh My! I think I see every one of those items on that burger :-) Is that a little Aioli seeping out? Looks Yummy! You watercolored it beautifully--when I see you in Aug., we'll talk about Clematis
:-) You can kill them and they still "come up." Have fun with those "Grands."

Unknown said...

your sketchbook is amazing! love watercolors. how do you paint on the road? do you use a waterbrush?

Catherine said...

Marj - it is blue cheese seeping out, and the aioli is on the side. It was fabulous!

Michelle - Thanks! Painting on the road - it depends what situation I am in. Sometimes I use a waterbrush, but I prefer a Daniel Smith travel brush. I carry a small kit with a pen, a brush, a tiny bottle of water, a tiny container for the water, and a small altoids tin with just a few half pans of watercolor. Sometimes in a crowded situation, I will just do a contour ink drawing and paint it later.