Summer Kick-Off

Watermelon Demo in my Sketchbook
Friday June 15th was my Summer Kick-Off Journal Workshop.  We had about ten very talented participants.  And for the first time ever, the weather was consistent and nice  -  a little hot, but not bad.

I have been busy with family fun the past couple of weeks.  The California grandkids are here, and we have been making the most of every minute.  We've done cousin get-togethers, Aunt and Uncle get-togethers, graduation parties, birthday parties ETC!!!

This week  I have two 8-week watercolor sessions starting, and four afternoons of watercolor journal.  Summer is officially underway, and I'm lovin' it!

What have you been sketching.  What are your summer sketching plans?


Sand Hill Art said...

I'm attending a two-day workshop with Brenda C. Clark in Sutton's Bay. Hoping to recharge my creative batteries.

Catherine said...

Sally Ann - I just googled her work. I think you will definitely recharge - looks like fun.

Marj said...

Glad you are "back.!" I plan to bind a new watercolor book for my class in August :-) Think I will do the smaller version--it seems to suit my needs better.
Oh my, does that mean another trip to Hollander's? :-) :-)

Catherine said...

Oh yeah, Marj - I think it means a trip to Hollanders. Lucky you - so close!

BJR said...

I've been drawing in a tiny sketchbook with brown paper. I'm using a Brown Black pen, so it really looks neat. Kinda old, you know...and I love it. The sketcbook is probably 4" by 3". Tiny! ;)
But...I've been ill, and away from home for another 3 months. Had to find an ER, get IV's...and blood work. White count bottomed out. Lupus, you know! :( Thus, the tiny book. It matches my energy. ;)

So making wee drawings, a'waiting better days...and more painting!


Diana said...

HI Catherine, I love your watermelon, it's precious! love,Diana

Claire M said...

Love this summer page! As for me... I've been busy with family but I hope to get back to sketching and blog posting very soon!

Unknown said...

Hi, Catherine, I am coming up to Terrace Inn on the 15th for the week, looks like you are teaching every afternoon, but perhaps we can connect at some point. Your painting and journalling are always an inspiration to me.

Sue W said...

What is that tiny little box you are using for a palette? It looks like a Green Tea Mint box from Trader Joe's. I tried to use it and it only held 5 colors, which I found wasn't enough for me. Love your sketches!

Catherine said...

BJR - so sorry to hear you are not doing well. Your little sketchbook sounds lovely with the brown paper and pen. Hope you will be feeling better soon!

Thanks, Diana - it is such fun to paint watermelon, but it is getting hard to find them with the seeds - much better for painting.

Claire - Being busy with family is a priority,isn't it? Sketching will be there waiting for us.

Rose - it was great to catch up with you this week. I love the things you have been working on, and must try the "Bradley Brush".

Sue - it is a Trader Joe's Green Tea Mint box - there are seven colors in there in half pans. I was going to put some white styrofoam in the lid for the mixing area, but I thought the transparent lid was so cute. It is all about cute, isn't it : )