Pizza My Heart

A Watercolor Sketch of Lunch on the First Day of June
and the first day of summer vacation

This was a fabulous pizza (aren't they all?)  -  green apple, sausage, bacon, pepperoni, green onion, and Gorgonzola!!!  The special of the day at Pizza My Heart in Willow Glenn, CA.

Every trip has to have something hysterically funny happen or it's not a real trip.  My husband put his money clip on a table and went in to take a shower.  The kids' huge collie chomped up the money, some cards including insurance cards and DRIVERS LICENSE!!!  He mercifully left the debit card intact, and we think the drivers license is intact enough to get back through security.  He really only ate $1 bill, so no harm done  -  well  -  maybe a little harm.

Now I 'm going to go sketch some of the beautiful herbs in my daughter's herb garden, and listen to the black phoebe sing.  It sits on the telephone wire and serenades us  -  black phoebe on a wire.  If anyone wants to steal that for a book title  -  go ahead,  I don't think I'm going to be using it.


Diana said...

Catherine, love you pizza page and your dear story of the collie! ha ha.. I'm so sorry but it will make a great memory. Daisy once got the remote, my husband was so upset until he realized it still worked! I enjoy your blog so much! thank you, love,Diana

Marj said...

You can't draw/watercolor a bad Pizza--no such thing....but what is a naan pizza? Enjoy your family in CA--our youngest dau.& fam. are flying out Fri. to do Rte. 1 from LA to SanFran.
Can't wait to see those herbs. I am going to try to do my Clematis' I have 3 different ones blooming.
Cliff, hang on to that money clip :-) Dogs are "trained" to do all kinds of things :-)

Catherine said...

Thanks, Diana, I'm glad you enjoy it! Pets can be pretty funny. When we went through security on the way home, the tsa guy said to my husband ,"Oh, the dog ate your driver's license!"

Marj - we make homemade pizzas using Tandori naan flatbread. Every store seems to keep it in a different dept - bakery, deli, or bread. I put lots of roasted zucchini,broccoli, red bell
pepper etc on it and just a little feta cheese.And of course pizza sauce and garlic.
Your daughter and fam's trip sounds wonderful!