Down by the River

Sketching by the Bear River
We had a nice, warm, sunny day this week ~ perfect for taking watercolor journals out to paint. I started a new journal, which, for some reason, is always fun.

Today the wind is blowing and it is pretty cold.  I am inside working on some more class and workshop ideas for the summer.  I have posted my spring and summer classes ~ click on the "Classes and Workshops" tab at the top of the blog, just under the banner.  I plan to be adding more as the dates are firmed up.

 Click on the image to enlarge  -  I know you are just dying to see this thing.

 Here is a pic of the finished model of a McCormick reaper (that I mentioned back on March 2nd) that our 13 year old grandson had to make of things found around his house - or my studio.  To give you an idea of the scale, the black wheel is the cap from a gallon jug. Along with the model, his presentation, and period costume, he earned 205 points out of a possible 200.  My reward was a couple of fun days working with him on this.  I am so glad I get asked to do this fun stuff  ~  no one ever asks me to help with math.  Being horrible at math really pays off now.


annie said...

Congrats to you both, Catherine. A great rating. But, more important(to me, I mean) is the fun that you two had doing this project. I am lousy at math, also, but my daughter is a math teacher so I am saved from helping my grandson in THAT department.

Catherine said...

Thanks, Annie. Yes, the time together was really nice.

Lucky for your grandson that his mom is a math teacher - a built-in tutor!

Marilyn-Lara said...

Catherine, how could you not be good at math when you helped to build this McCormick reaper? Length of sticks had to be exact or they would not have looked right. Is that a pulley I see?

I bet you'll give credit for the math calculations to your grandson.


Catherine said...

Actually, Marilyn-Lara, we just eye-balled it :) Lucky, weren't we? Yes, it is a pulley, but the model didn't have to be a working model, so....

My son could tell from pictures we found that that was a pulley - that helped a lot - it just looked like a jumbled mess to us. Unfortunately, he "couldn't" stay and help, but we did okay.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a great experience to help those grandchildren make something? I just love it! Lupus keeps me from doing as much as I'd like...but I can always show them how to draw!:) Been doing quite a bit of it...(drawing). Lost my Mom to cancer/stroke and it is a comfort to draw. Want to add watercolor to some. I always enjoy your site! BJR

Catherine said...

BJR - it sure is fun to do projects with the grandkids!

I am sorry about your mother. I know how tough that is. Drawing and watercolor is good for whatever ails us!