My first Flower Sketch of the Season
It was nice and sunny and warm, and I found this crocus blooming in the yard.  As I began my sketch, the sun started to go behind a cloud, and the crocus slowly closed.  I didn't know they did that!  So this was a very fast contour drawing and a quick splash of color. 

A couple of days ago I played around with the fonts on my blog, and today the ones I had applied are gone.  Okay.  I'm not going to play with that anymore.  The next time I look they may be back.  I just don't care.

This is the last page of this sketchbook.  The next one is a different shape  -  more square  -  and I am kind of anxious to try it out.  A new season, a new sketchbook.  Fun.


Carol C said...

Wonderful sketch! And a good observation--I didn't know crocuses closed in shade either!

Marj said...

From the Smokies :-) Love your contour drawing-in a hurry-and it looks like you spent hours on it getting the light right! My crocus was "up" and blooming right when we were leaving--so I couldn't stop to sketch it (quick contour or not)-But the Wildflowers are coming in abundance down here. I like your new font.

beverly.brandt said...

Greetings from Arizona, where Spring is in full bloom. It's truly dreamy around here. I'm happy to see that Spring has returned to Northwestern Lower Michigan. I hear that you'd had temperatures near 70 on Sunday, so no wonder the flowers are beginning to burst forth. Seeing your sketch makes me want to get back to painting. Can't wait to get back "Up North"!

Catherine said...

Carol - thanks. Some days they must spend all day opening and closing!

Marj - how nice to be down there were the flowers are blooming. I loved your sketches!
I notice sometimes the new font shows up as the old font. Crazy.

Beverly - saying spring has returned to Michigan is a stretch, but we do have little signs that make us hopeful. It should be nice and warm about the time you arrive. Looking forward to seeing you!

Marj said...

So glad to see your sketch of the crocus in the sort-of-woody-area. It helped me with backgrounds for the wildflowers I am trying to paint here in the Smokies. Love your subtle shadowing over and beside the Crocus. I'm always learning something from your posts....thank you!!!!

Catherine said...

Marj, you're welcome. Glad I could help :)