Chi Latte

 A Chi Latte and Other Crazy Stuff
From San Jose, California - 
To those of you back at home  -  I may just stay here.  I think I like this life.  This kind of stuff just doesn't happen at home in Northern Michigan  -  not all within a few minutes anyway.

I mean, how many times, at home, have I been sitting on the corner, drinking a chi latte at Starbucks (NEVER) and had a dog sitting next to me actually BITE two people?  It bit the Starbucks guy on the hand, and then when the mail man walked through, it bit him on the leg.  I was afraid to get up to leave  -  I let the dog leave first.

Two guys a couple of tables over were arguing about who was going to take the blame for something.  The louder one, naturally, had nothing to hide and the other one would have to take the blame.  The dog didn't pay any attention to them.

The homeless guy I saw wandering around the neighborhood was curled up on a beautifully manicured front lawn, right at the edge of the sidewalk. Sleeping?

And . . . there is bird banging his head against the living room window for days on end now.

Ya can't make this stuff up.


Claire M said...

I'm sitting here chuckling... what an interesting story. But I can really picture the scene that you describe -- Foxworthy -- I know just where that is and I don't live that far away. How long are you in town?

annie said...

This is a selfish "friendly comment:"
You should do this more often so we can enjoy adventuresome posts like this. I agree that the dog wasn't paying enough attention to the right people. Such a tickle. Awaiting MORE.... Have another latte on me.

Catherine said...

Claire - how interesting that you are close by! On our next visit, let's make plans and get together for a sketch-fest. In the meantime - if you go to Starbucks on Foxworthy (the Giorgio's plaza) think of me sitting next to a vicious dog.

Annie - You must understand, I had to go to California for some adventure. This stuff doesn't happen everyday at home. Not my home anyway. I'll see what I can do:)

Claire M said...

Definitely -- that would be fun to get together the next time you come to San Jose.

plaid petunia said...

Only you Cath! I think the crazy things just wait for you to show up. Thanks for the chuckle. Cathy

Mary Lou Peters said...

Hi Catherine--That bird is seeing his reflection in the window and is being territorial--trying to peck that other bird to death. I know because this happened at my house last year. Springtime does weird things in nature (like dog bites, blame throwers...). Remember--you're in California after all! Have fun!
Mary Lou

Marj said...

Oh, I don't know about (different) things happening in Mich. I was in a WatercolorJournaling Class when a lady who hadn't positioned her chair and pillows properly went over backwards in the shrubbery!!!
You can't make THIS stuff up either! :-)
Enjoy your trip! but come back!

annie said...

Oh, yes, Catherine, I meant adventures WHILE you are in Cal.I bet you are having some more adventures as we speak...

Catherine said...

Cathy - Do you mean I bring out the best in people:)

Mary Lou - at least the bird quit his suicide bombing and just pecked at "the other bird" over and over and. . .

Oh Marj - you're right - maybe Cathy Plaid Petunias is right - crazy stuff just waits for me to show up :)

Annie - my reply was a little unclear. I did know that you meant California.I am still in CA, but have had no more crazy adventures - and that's okay. We are having a great time - calm and cozy at a cabin in the mountains.