Happy Easter

Happy Easter from Viola, California
It's just a little cold and snowy here.  Really  -  it's a lot cold and snowy here.  We are having the perfect holiday "cabin weekend".  Looking outside, we are just not sure which holiday it is!

We really are having a great time  -  reading, cooking, eating, playing games, decorating eggs, hiding eggs, sketching and painting, drinking cinnamon tea, and watching the snow fall.  It's wonderful!

Viola is in Northern California in the Redding/Mt Lassen area.  It is just beautiful here, and the family togetherness is soooo nice!  If you're having a warm and sunny Easter, don't feel sorry for us  -  we made a conscious choice to come here.


Marj said...

Sounds like a wonderful time--warm and cozy with family--even tho' its cold outside.
These are the things you can't put on paper--but sketch/watercolor the surroundings...you'll have beautiful memories :-)

Catherine said...

Actually Marj, we have been painting little still lifes on the table - enough snow already. We are having a wonderful cozy time.