Drawing Table

A Very Quick Contour Drawing of my Drawing Table
Trying to pay attention to the negative spaces  -  the spaces between things.

This drawing looks as if I wasn't paying much attention to anything, but, hey, there is a lot going on with this table.

I decided to paint my drawing table semi-gloss black, and I love it.  It was a little tricky because there are a LOT of pieces to it, and I was afraid if I took it apart, I wouldn't get it back together.  So, I took off one part at a time and didn't paint its corresponding part until it was painted and replaced. Yeah, I know, a little nutty and time consuming, but it worked.

Tonight we are attending Middle Granddaughter's Christmas program at school.  That's what I love about living in snowy northern Michigan  -  you never know when a scheduled event will actually take place.  Cancellations because of weather definitely keep things interesting.

Are you sketching?


Marj said...

Such patience! A good drawing too! I do struggle with lines and ratios
I purchased a wonderful black table for my art doodling from IKEA and really like it!
Keep up your wonderful, colorful posts!

Catherine said...

Thanks Marj, I find it a little hard to concentrate long enough to stay connected when doing something this complicated.